Server Info CGI

Recently I opened a hosting account on one of those 1TB Unlimited bandwidth deals. Needless to say, responses were slow and I wanted to know what type of server I was on and what the current CPU load was. I was shocked to see a server load of 28+ sustained on a dual processor machine.

I put together this simple little script to gather details about the server and print it out to a web page. Since I did not have command line access at the host this was the only method to get stats on the machine. I am sure many webmasters question if they are on the server they are paying for or just how much other clients are using and what is left for your web page requests.

This is an extremely simple script with no extra features. But it serves a need and I beleive that many people will upload it to better understand why their website is slow or unresponsive. It will also tell you how much drive space is available. With so many hosts offering 1TB+ more and more people are asking if the space is actually available.

Installing The Program

download the script serverinfo.cgi

Rename the file to serverinfo.cgi or .pl depending on what your host supports
upload the file in text format to a directory that allows you to execute scripts
chmod the file to 0755

Then just access the program with your browser. You will get a detailed report about the server, its hardware and what is happening currently with connections and users.

Sample Output - Here is a sample output from a random webserver on a random host. We wont run it here for security reasons and I would suggest that you run it from a password protected directory or remove the script after you use it. You really don't want to share server info with the general public.Some of the commands may be limited to the root on your host so not all details may be available to you. I am sure the honest hosts will let you see the details about your server and I am sure if the details are hidden from you, there is a good reason.