BumbleBee Wares's Free Perl Scripts

Available Programs - Our plan is to make hundreds of our archived programs availble for free download and use. Ten years of writing code for clients has left us with one of the largest libraries of perl programs on the planet. As time allows, we will post programs that we feel will be useful to perl junkies.

If you have any suggestions or need a program for a particular application let us know. If it is something we already have we can post it for you. There is no plan or schedule to post any particular item, so suggestions would be helpful. We want to share useful programs and not spend time posting useless common gadget scripts that will never be downloaded.

PERL CAPTCHA - The most simple and likely the most unhackable perl code to prevent automated form submissions. Using an archive of images rather than on the fly generation, this uses very low system resources while providing a high level of bot protection.

This program was actually the reason for starting this download site. The concept is simple, but we have not encountered anything like it. The need for more web security against bots prompted us to offer this program for free and begin an archive of scripts.

Remote Website / Server Monitor - A simple 2 script solution to monitor your website's uptime and notify you via e-mail when a website or server is down. Great tool for small hosting services to monitor your servers from your home or office. If you run your own hosting company or manage a load of websites and are paranoid about knowing if your servers or datcenter are functional, this is an easy way to monitor your servers. Using an old PC, you can set up an effective network monitor that can log when your servers or websites are available. It pays to know that a website is down before your customer does and maintain a log for evidence that it was functional when customers have routing issues.

Three versions of the program are provides to fit multiple circumstances. One version is a fully packed ready to go, cron based with visual display. The others use a meta refresh to run the script from a remote browser window.

RSS XML fetch and print - A simple perl script to grab an XML file and include it in a webpage. Two versions, one to allow dynamic input of urls to allow one program to access unlimited feeds. If you want to include RSS feeds in your pages, this is as simple as you can get. Ready to run script, just upload and run it.

SSH Log Check - Check your ssh log for attempted logins and block the ips before the attack takes down your server. This script can be called from your crontab at regular intervals and instatly block hackers from running automated attacks against your ssh login.

Form Mail - Process any number of forms from your website and have the results e-mailed to you. This single script will handle all your mail forms. The perl program uses image verification and max posts per day to combat bot attacks and fake form submissions. Build the forms using a standards web page editor, no programing experience necessary.

Password Protect Using .htaccess (basic) - This simple program will allow you to add users to password protect directories on any unix server. A basic cgi and an htacess file are all you need to start using passwords. A more complete password script is also available which allows for multiple directories, add, remove and list users functions. Get the Complete Password Manager.

Tar Gz Utility - 2 scripts to allow the zipping and unzipping of directories or files from a webpage. Useful on hosts without command line access. Great script for building on to make more complex backup utilities that can be run from a webpage.

Simple Site Search - One script, ready to run to search your files. Just upload and run it. You can expand teh script to make it fit your application, but the layout is simple and easy to understand.

Zipcode tools and databases - Some simple scripts to show you how to calculate distance between zipcodes and do zipcode lookups. Includes text files with all the data so you can add distance calculations to your own programs.

Server Info - Simple script to call unix commands to list details about the server you are hosted on. Details like available drive space, server load, types of CPU(s) and the number installed. Check up on your host and verify that you are getting what you are paying for and which resources you have available.