Pros and Cons of Technology and Exercise

Work out has become advanced due to improvement in technology.  But there are resulting disadvantages too.  Read on to know the Pros and Cons of Technology and Exercise:


Research:  Much of research on the methods of work out, the calorie consumption, ergonomic work out gadgets etc. is possible only through research and technology.  Facilities have improved and help in achieving promising results because of this.

Apps:  Technology has resulted in various health apps.  People refer to them for various health-related guidance like fasting to lose weight, BMI, detoxing, health-conscious dieting etc.

Better equipment:  Technology has resulted in the invention of better gym equipment.  All those cycles and treadmills help in better time management.  Indoor workouts make exercising possible even when the climate is not good.

Networking:  Technology has improved social networking.  Awareness of the benefits of exercise has increased.


The disadvantages of using technology are the following:

Need increased:  It is because of technology people adopt a lethargic lifestyle and suffers from health issues.  This has resulted in an increase of mandatory exercise rather than making it a voluntary process out of interest.

Distraction:  Various social networking apps distract people and do not make them achieve the fruits of work out.  These are the cause of people not doing exercise regularly and sincerely.

Side effects:  Technology has resulted in introducing more equipment and gadgets.  But exercising using these will cause side effects.  Also, when a person quits exercising these results in harmful side effects like sudden increase in adipose tissue growth etc.

Over dependent:  Technology makes people be overdependent on gadgets even for exercising.

Not so accurate:  All these apps are not so accurate.  For example, these apps give wrong data on distance walked.  Similarly, some of the apps and websites provide wrong information on diets.  As a result, people try wrong or useless methods and get affected.