Why I Switched to Hostgator Dedicated Hosting from AWS Dedicated Hosting Plan

Do you want to know why I have shifted from AWS to Hostgator dedicated plan? Then this session will clear your doubt. Since there are much more hosting companies available, Hostgator as well as Amazon are some best popular hosting companies that provide better web services. This session will provide you better understanding by comparing Hostgator v/s AWS and enables you the reason behind the selection of AWS hosting plan.

Comparison Of Service:

Hostgator is a very popular hosting company that is currently providing service for more than 90 lakh domains. The service of the Hostgator hosting offers an unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space along with incredible controls in a user-friendly manner. They will also provide a free demo for the control panel which is available on the website and the control panel offered by the host also includes SEO tips, video tutorials as well as Google website services.

These services of Hostgator allow you to get good results in the search engine and it also maximizes your search engine ranking by driving more traffic towards your website. In addition, it also offers almost 4,500 templates for the website and also offers a money back guarantee for 45 days as well. Whereas Amazon offers only a few plans and consists of the basic package. Since it is offering free web hosting, it is extremely limited which is the major drawback in Amazon.

Comparison Of Price:

When it comes to comparison, the price of the services is much more important and the basic package offered by Amazon is unbeatable as it is offered for free. But Amazon doesn’t include the24 hour support service and the next developer package of Amazon is provided for $45 per month for the service of customer support and from here the cost will be more when we compared with the monthly usage. The Hostgator plan starts from $3.96 for the Hatchling plan and it consists of more features like 24-hour support, mail forwarding, free-module installation as well as Spam Assassin.

The next plan of Hostgator is Baby plan which includes private SSL, ZenCart, dedicated IP as well as Cube Cart. The business plan of Hostgator also includes benefits like a toll-free number, private SSL, dedicated IP for free. All the plan of Hostgator comes with free setup, instant backup, unlimited POP3 accounts as well as no contracts. Through dedicated service you can increase the performance, avail world-class support, as well as advanced management and it, will faster as your bandwidth will not be shared.

Dedicated Hosting Of Amazon:

The dedicated host of Amazon offers a server with EC2 which is fully dedicated to using. The Amazon dedicated hosting service provides placement control at an instance which is used to deploy applications so as to corporate compliance, address licensing as well as regulatory requirement. The affinity of the hosting service offers you the confidence to run on the same server which further helps in reducing the cost of the license.

The dedicated hosting of AWS provides you some additional visibility as well as control to place the instance on the physical server. It also allows you to use the license of existing software and it also runs on the dedicated hardware.

New Dedicated Hosting Platform Of Hostgator:

The Hostgator has announced its new dedicated hosting platform with excellent performing options including 16 cup threads, 1 TB SSD storage, and 32GB memory. This was made to meet the demands of the customers and to increase their business growth. This new dedicated platform will increase the processing power as well s memory by double. It also includes the HDD or SSD and so you can add it to your storage needs.

It also improves the scalability for complexity growth as well as increasing more traffic. For the users who command line access, it is now offered with latest distros of Linux like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian as well as an image of Windows 2012. The dedicated servers of Hostgator include unlimited databases, bandwidth as well as email accounts, DDOS protection, free reseller account, full root access and much more.

It is also known that all the prices of Hostgator are included in the current sale and so Hostgator is the worth investing as it offers exciting features even at regular price. These are reasons why I have switched from AWS to Hostgator dedicated hosting.…