Installing Simple Form Mail in PERL

To install the program the simplest solution is to unzip the archive directly in your server. But short of that you can always do it the hard way.

Create a directory named "formmail"
create a dir in formail named "captcha"
create 2 directories in the captcha dir named "temp" and "images" and chmod 0777

configure the perl scripts

Upload formail.cgi, form.html, captcha.cgi, and thankyou.html to the formmail directory in ASC format. chmod 0755 both cgi scripts.

upload one of the image sets to the /formmail/captcha/images directory. make sure you use binary format for images.

That should be all. Just access the form.html and see if it works. You will need to build your own custom forms and secure up the temp directory. The perl script should be relatively easy to modify. You can read some suggestions in the sendmail form add ons and tweaks page.