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How To Make Your House A Smart Home – The Best Technology Guide

What is a smart home? A smart home is where everything in your house like your air conditioners, garage doors and thermostats are connected to the internet. These can then be controlled using a mobile device and can be controlled remotely. There are many accessories that help you to construct a smart home and some of them may work more efficiently than the others. Here at, you are guided on how to build a smart home.

Make a smart lightning

Lighting is the key to making a smart home. The bulbs communicate with Wi-Fiorthereare others that communicate using Bluetooth. There are many lighting systems that work even though they are not connected to any central hub. These can still communicate with the other smart elements of your house.

Use smart speakers

The smart speakers are linked to the lights. All that you need to do is to give it instructions to dim the light, and it does it for you.

Cameras for home security

Installing a camera at home will let you known what is happening at home which is useful when you are away. It is particularly useful if you have children at home and who have to be monitored.


Many would wonder that to build a smartphone one needs to buy a number of accessories and connect them to the hub which will then communicate with each other and also with you through your smartphone. This, however, will mean spending loads of money and also a lot of time getting wasted. You could also construct a smart home in a much simpler manner with just a few products that are rather inexpensive. This lets you construct a smart home at a very modest budget.

Ensure that the products that you use to construct a smart home are compatible with each other as this will offer you a strong foundation. You can then slowly keep expanding with time.

Top 10 PC Technology Trends for 2018

Having a computer at home was once a luxury. Now there is a computer in almost every home. With smartphones doing almost everything that a PC can do here are a few trends in PC technology to watch out for in 2018 and the years to come.

  1. Voice control would be as good on PCs as they are on the smartphones. The virtual assistants integrated would be able to perform a number of functions.
  2. AR would become a tangible reality. Now that even Apple is encouraging AR on its desktops, we would find more computers coming with AR apps and AR development options.
  3. VR headset compatibility is now available only on a select few models. This segment is likely to expand in the coming years. This would be an all-new phase for the gamers.
  4. Bluetooth version change would also impact the computers. The 5th generation of Bluetooth modules would take a leap in terms of the data transfer speeds.
  5. The growing battle between Intel and AMD in chip manufacturing is likely to heat up. Both of these are now focusing on making better chips with AI and machine learning compatibilities.
  6. Better peripherals would be introduced including the trend of virtual keyboards and touchpads for the computers.
  7. USB C which has recently been seen on a few laptops and smartphones would also be included on most computers.
  8. Screen resolutions have been increasing in the recent years. And we might see newer variants with a 4K display which the gamers would love.
  9. Traditional SSD storages might see an impressive upgrade in the coming years.
  10. The additional features might lead to an increase in the price of PCs. But this would also be followed by an increase in the value as there are better features coming up.

Handling a computer is easier than ever before. Tips on Windows 10 troubleshooting for beginners can easily be accessed from online resources or in the form of easy to use apps. So anyone and everyone can handle quick issues with the computers and can have their PC back in shape in no time.…