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Top 10 Best Smart Home Gadgets

Read on to know the top 10 best smart home gadgets:

  1. Home security systems: Technology has gifted home security system which is the complete solution for safety.  You can control the locks of all the rooms of your house sitting in a remote location.
  2. Home cleaning bots: Cleaning the house makes us tired.  It is a constant process.  Dust very soon accumulates in windows, sofa, bed etc.  How excited it will be to have a home cleaning bot.  It automatically does the cleaning job all over.
  3. Bias lighting kit: Bias lighting kit will create the same color lighting in the surroundings like that of the color transmitted in the television programme.  That way the viewing experience is more delightful.
  4. Smart plugs: Prudent people get their home designed using Draft Force.  But unlucky ones end up with poor home designs.   The advantage of using a smart plug is that you can switch on or off the connected device from any corner of the house.  Hence even if power points are not properly placed as per your home design you can simply live without any alterations.
  5. Smart smoke detectors: When there is fire outbreak in-house, this smart smoke detector sends alert to a pre-saved mobile number.
  6. Smart air purifiers: We assume that air is polluted only in the outside atmosphere.  But inside the home, there are chances of a high rate of air pollution.  We are not aware of this risk.  A smart air purifier can simply destroy the pollutants.  Smart thermostat
  7. 7. Slow cooker: An electronic slow cooker can simmer foods at low temperature.  Unattended cooking is thus possible.
  8. Wi-Fi booster: A Wi-Fi booster can bring internet to even remote corners of your home where you don’t get signal.
  9. Smart pest controller: It emits low-frequency sound waves which keep the home pest-free.
  10. Digital personal assistant: It does everything right from waking you up, reminding about meetings, giving recipe tips etc.