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What Fashion Needs to Know About Cybersecurity in 2018

Recently the fashion industry in the UShasrequestedthe state to strengthen cybersecurity at the same time not to restrict creativity.

Why is Cybersecurity so important in fashion industry???

Customers wait keenly for good shopping opportunities like YSL bags on sale in online selling websites.  But they face heartbreaking experiences like replication of leading brands and design theft.  The market is flooded with such cheaper duplicate models.  As a result, the loyalty of the customers is impacted.  Cybersecurity can avoid all these and protect the design and consumer data in the servers of the businesses.

How Cybersecurity protects??

With the help of blockchain technology, illegal copying can be prevented.  This also enables tracking of authenticated online usage.  Hence facilitation of Patent and copyright protection becomes easy.  Revenue leakage of the business houses can be avoided.

It is vital to know about cybersecurity becomes it becomes critical to strengthen data protection and to avoid data theft in the fashion industry.

Such threats like server attack can come from within the organization.  The outside sources are the threats when connected to retailers, b2c websites etc.

Due to data leakage, the business houses suffer a lot.  They face expensive legal issues.  Latest technology like 3D printing in fashion industry allows sneakers to copy the design.  Hence there is a risk of mass reproduction of design illegally.  This makes cybersecurity a highly important factor to avoid such loss-making incidents.

Not all can afford Insurance for cyber risk which involves high premium rates.  Hence cybersecurity can be strengthened.  Prevention is better than facing the after happenings of data theft.  It is high time that fashion industry leaders act in unison with retailers to improve cybersecurity.

Partnership with retailers for data protection, double factor authentication etc. will help in tackling the external sources of data theft.  Knowing more about cybersecurity and implementing the preventive techniques will help in the undisturbed growth of the fashion industry.