How to Install CAPTCHA for PERL

To install the demo program download the zip file and unzip it.

Create a directory on your website named "captcha". The directory must be able to execute perl scripts, if you are limited on your server then your base directory would be your cgi-bin.

Make 2 directories inside that directory named "temp" and "images". You will need to chmod 0777 so they are web writeable.

# you need to make sure the path to perl is correct for your server the default is:

You only need to modify 2 lines in the captcha.cgi. Change the "pathtoyourwww" to the actual path to the directory the script will reside in.

$tempdir = "/pathtoyourwww/captcha/temp";
$imagedir = "/pathtoyourwww/captcha/images";

Then modify the check-captcha.cgi with the correct path to the temp directory.

$tempdir = "/pathtoyourwww/captcha/temp";

Upload captcha.cgi, check-captcha.cgi, form.cgi to the captcha directory.

chmod 0755 each script.

Upload the images (in binary mode) to the image directoty.

Now just access the form.cgi to see how it works.

Notes: You will not want your temp or images directories to be web accessible. They should be placed in a directory that is not web readable. For the purpose of demonstration, we have put everything in web accessible directories so you can analyze how it works.

We do not expect anyone to use the demo program as is, because it does not do anything other than demonstrate the use of the form validation. For that reason, we have made it as easy as possible to understand and not necessarily in the best secure configuration.

For additional help and image sets go to