CAPTCHA Image Sets

Here are some tar.gz files (you can open these with winzip for you windows people), of image sets of about 1000 images each. Choose a set that is best for your website. If you do not need a skewed or hard to read image, use the plain clearly readable images. If you want top level security, you can use one that is hard to read so the OCR systems will not be able to read it.

All the sets are all capital letters, but the program is not case insensitive. It is just easier for people to read using capitalization. I plan to add more sets with more variety but for now, its a good starting point.

You can mix the sets if you want to. You can use the 6 character sets allong with 4 character sets, number sets with word sets and so on. But I suggest you use one set to keep it simple. Just click on the style you want to use, save the zip file and upload the images to your captcha image directory. You can replace your images at any time if you want a fresh look or more security.

Basic Mixed Sets Dictionary Words Numbers

We added some dictionary words that will make it easier for users to read as well as some basic number sets. The random mixed text is often difficult for people to understand. The number sequences and actual words are still bot proof and offer a much more user friendly captcha system.

If you need a special image set, let us know. We do not charge for custom images sets as long as you link back to our captcha program from your website. There is no guarantee we will have time to build custom image sets, but we often create custom sets beyond this gallery.