Building Blocks in PERL

All of the programs I have poseted here are very simple. Even an average webmaster with no perl experience should be able to install and modify any of them without much trouble.

But the concept is that each is a building block in a bigger project.

There is nothing comlex about perl. It is very basic, very litteral and very deliberate. You tell it to add 2 numbers and if the vale is greater than 10 do one thing or else do something else. You don't have to be a programer to understand that or work with that logic.

If you can relate to simple math and follow directions, you can program in perl.

Although each of the programs offered free here are simple, when you add them all together they can form a much more complex program.

That is what programing is all about.

You start off with a program like the simple search. You add a sub routine to sort the sesults into alphabetical order. Now the program is more complex. Add more and more and then add a few lines from the RSS fetch and print and add in pages from outside websites.

Now you use the fetch and print to access other websites and write the files to a database and the simple search reads those files.

You are progressivly building a search engine like google by combining the basic ideas each of the building blocks offers.

If you think in small pieces and build in baby steps, you can reach amazing heights.

All you need is some basic building blocks which can be found here at as well as hundreds of other sites offering free perl scripts.