Developing Websites With PERL

PERL has been the key tool in the growth of our company. The simple fact that programs can be modified realtime and used on websites with hundreds of thousands of users without compiling and installing. That makes the development of applications move at lightspeed.

Anyone that writes programs knows that the process of integrating ideas into code is time consuming and difficult. The flexibility of perl and the speed at which new ideas can be tried makes perl the ideal language for developing web based applications.

We would like to share some of the concepts we have learned and developed in building thousands of websites, giving young programers some insight into what perl can achive.

We have used perl to develop banking and e-commerce, processed millions of credit card transactions, run databases with millions of records, managed websites with 20,000 concurrent users and hundreds of thousands of registered users.

We have not found the limits of perl, only the limits of imagination to make programs work using perl. Listed below are some of our ideas, concepts and encounters as we created some large scale projects in perl.

Building Rube Goldberg type programs


Perl Basics

Writing A Basic PERL program

Crashing Servers with Loops

Keeping Code Simple

Over using perl modules

Building blocks in PERL

more to be added as time permits