Abount BumbleBeeWare

It is not always possible to find the time to share knowledge with those seeking to learn. But the entire reason that BumbleBee Works is sucessful is because people did just that.

The abundance of knowledge and freely downloadable scripts were the foundation for learning and program development for our company. When there was a problem we could not solve, there was always someone ready to give an answer. There was always some helpful voice in a forum, some snippit of code or a friendly e-mail to a stranger to lend a helping hand.

Now years later, The Cyber Web is one of the leading companies in web development with proprietary hosting systems, credit card processing and countless profitable websites from classifieds to affiliate marketing.

It is only fitting that we can give back to the programing community with new and inovative ideas that we have developed.

It is never in the business plan to release code that makes your system run or gives you the edge over your competition. And none of the stock holders would approve of making the software they paid for an open source project.

However, its important to support young developers, teenagers that will inevitably enter the programing market in the near future.

Our hope is to contribute to the open source archives online. Many young programers do not have the resources to offer their scripts available for free. We, as a hosting company do have the resources to offer downloads and web space.

We extend the offer to any programer to allow us to archive their free perl scripts on our website. This will insure that the resources that have been available during our growth will continue to be available to anyone entering the world of perl.

It is sometimes disapointing that the web is made up of millions of independently financed websites. When a young programer is excited and wants to share, they post a website. A year later the site is offline and all the great information they offered is gone.

The focus of this website will be to provide a free and stable resource for good quality perl programs, tutorials and information about perl programing. We don't want to take away from any of the awesome perl resources online, but many list website that closed years ago.

We would like to provide a resource for perl programers to post resumes, sites owners to post jobs and ask for bids but more importantly provide a great archive of perl programs. The goal is not to replace or beat any existing resources but to add to the overall availability of great code and the exchange of ideas.

This website is a part time, spare time project. So if the development is slow, that is why. If anyone is interested in contributing articles or programs, please let us know.

We can be contacted via support at either of our web hosting sites bumblebeeworks.com or pagebuzz.com.