Day: December 1, 2018

Five Tips to Drive More Sales Using Digital Coupon Marketing

When you run a business, you may be scratching your head to boost up sales.  There may be several marketing ideas, but they come at a cost in addition to the discounts and freebies offered to attract customers.  Digital coupon marketing is cost effective and the coupon itself serves as an influential marketing tool.  Read on to know the top 5 tips to drive more sales using Digital Coupon Marketing:

Coupons instead of freebies:  Instead of offering freebies or other complements, try offering digital coupons to customers.  What you offer as free may not be so useful always.  But a coupon will ensure repurchase benefit to your business.  You can take the help of leading sites like Couponobox and reap the benefits of getting more in-store crowd easily.  Customers will also find coupons more useful rather than freebies.

Link coupons to social media:  When you link the coupons to social media it is easy to tap potential customer groups.  Also, it is not so tough, as you have to do only half the job.  The remaining half of spreading the word is taken care of by the customer.  The reach will be more as the post can be shared with many people.

To encourage Loyalty:  Use the digital coupons prudently to initiate repeated action from the customer.  You can use it in such a way that the person who logs into your site more than three times can get it.  There are apps which help in sending coupons and getting customer data.  Take the help of the latest technology.

Push Notification:  Android mobile is the most commonly used gadget.  Even laptop usage is less when compared.  Try to push notifications about digital coupons.  People who spend their time on social network apps using mobile during their free time will definitely not ignore the notifications.

Expiration date:  Set expiry dates for the digital coupons.  This will create a sense of urgency and bring in buying action at the earliest.