Month: December 2018

4 Ways to Use Google Maps to Track Your Run

Google Maps can enable you to store distances between at least two spots, and additionally, you can undoubtedly make courses for the running activities. You can monitor the distance covered by creating an intelligent guide. There are distinctive apparatuses accessible on that can enable you to follow your run utilizing Google Maps.

Utilizing Google Maps Website

Making the running course by signing onto the site encourages you to follow your outing. The mapping apparatus will assist you with knowing the directions, measurement of distances, and setting of layers. In case you need to alter the course, you can tap the place you need to alter and after that place it at your coveted goal. The navigator which is the blue line helps to track the developments.

Utilizing TrackMyTour Mobile App

It is an apparatus that utilizes the Google Maps delineate. It is utilized by iOS clients to follow their travels. The application enables you to include waypoints although you lack the privilege of data connectivity, and the data obtained can be synced later as and when you receive access to the web. It gives the distance and course of the run you made by selecting the starting and finishing point of the course.

Utilizing the Traveler App

This is accessible freely on Android platforms. The app can enable you to monitor your voyage with Google Maps that are built into it. You can utilize your cell phone to monitor your area where you have gone till you quit making records. It additionally enables you to include markers, notes, and photographs of the run.

Utilize Transport Tracker

This enables you to follow and oversee moving resources such as drivers trucks and buses. It records the vehicle area information obtained from the vehicle locator and gives real-time information syncing to the overview of the admin and the map. The map creates using Google Maps gives the real-time perception of the schedules, courses, and vehicles.

Future Tyre Technology: Inside the Car Tyres of Tomorrow

Tire creators are presently occupying significant assets to considering unheard of options; autos are evolving quick, and tyre organizations are not relaxing and sitting for guidelines.

In case you needn’t require a driver, the area for tyres will be unique, and the manner we utilize autos will vary; mechanized vehicles will adhere speed limits which humans are not able to keep up. Here are little advancement from 247Spares that are reaching to a tyre close by are:

  • Owning a ball

Cat manufacturers have demonstrated round idea tires, associated with a vehicle by attraction. In addition purposes of circular tires incorporate expanded life; in case part of the tyreis damaged or worn, it pivots naturally to place an alternate portion touching the ground. Additionally, there is no requirement for space-devouring suspension.

  • Producing power

Different ideas were made to start banter concerning tyres creating power. The tread is intended to ingest light and the warmth made by the development of the tyre on the ground and changed into power which is insufficient to fuel a vehicle, yet might broaden the choices.

  • Sharing the information

Sensors in the tyre and PCs can watch pressures on tyres, rye I’d wear and tear and temperature, and frame some portion of a system of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle to-framework information transfer.

  • Shape alterations

Various alterations like the sports mode improve dry taking care of by diminishing the thrust in the shoulder tubular form. On Wet Traction method, the inside cylinder is more swelled than the rest to decrease the danger of hydroplaning.

  • Stay calm

Future vehicles could exploit new tire technologies with unique updates made conceivable. The noise comes from regulators when under pressure which is the motor commotion as well as the clamor originating from the entire moving vehicle. Some ideas utilize an open cell polyurethane froth component that hoses the noise made by the tire moving over the street surface.

Pros and Cons of Technology and Exercise

Work out has become advanced due to improvement in technology.  But there are resulting disadvantages too.  Read on to know the Pros and Cons of Technology and Exercise:


Research:  Much of research on the methods of work out, the calorie consumption, ergonomic work out gadgets etc. is possible only through research and technology.  Facilities have improved and help in achieving promising results because of this.

Apps:  Technology has resulted in various health apps.  People refer to them for various health-related guidance like fasting to lose weight, BMI, detoxing, health-conscious dieting etc.

Better equipment:  Technology has resulted in the invention of better gym equipment.  All those cycles and treadmills help in better time management.  Indoor workouts make exercising possible even when the climate is not good.

Networking:  Technology has improved social networking.  Awareness of the benefits of exercise has increased.


The disadvantages of using technology are the following:

Need increased:  It is because of technology people adopt a lethargic lifestyle and suffers from health issues.  This has resulted in an increase of mandatory exercise rather than making it a voluntary process out of interest.

Distraction:  Various social networking apps distract people and do not make them achieve the fruits of work out.  These are the cause of people not doing exercise regularly and sincerely.

Side effects:  Technology has resulted in introducing more equipment and gadgets.  But exercising using these will cause side effects.  Also, when a person quits exercising these results in harmful side effects like sudden increase in adipose tissue growth etc.

Over dependent:  Technology makes people be overdependent on gadgets even for exercising.

Not so accurate:  All these apps are not so accurate.  For example, these apps give wrong data on distance walked.  Similarly, some of the apps and websites provide wrong information on diets.  As a result, people try wrong or useless methods and get affected.

Five Tips to Drive More Sales Using Digital Coupon Marketing

When you run a business, you may be scratching your head to boost up sales.  There may be several marketing ideas, but they come at a cost in addition to the discounts and freebies offered to attract customers.  Digital coupon marketing is cost effective and the coupon itself serves as an influential marketing tool.  Read on to know the top 5 tips to drive more sales using Digital Coupon Marketing:

Coupons instead of freebies:  Instead of offering freebies or other complements, try offering digital coupons to customers.  What you offer as free may not be so useful always.  But a coupon will ensure repurchase benefit to your business.  You can take the help of leading sites like Couponobox and reap the benefits of getting more in-store crowd easily.  Customers will also find coupons more useful rather than freebies.

Link coupons to social media:  When you link the coupons to social media it is easy to tap potential customer groups.  Also, it is not so tough, as you have to do only half the job.  The remaining half of spreading the word is taken care of by the customer.  The reach will be more as the post can be shared with many people.

To encourage Loyalty:  Use the digital coupons prudently to initiate repeated action from the customer.  You can use it in such a way that the person who logs into your site more than three times can get it.  There are apps which help in sending coupons and getting customer data.  Take the help of the latest technology.

Push Notification:  Android mobile is the most commonly used gadget.  Even laptop usage is less when compared.  Try to push notifications about digital coupons.  People who spend their time on social network apps using mobile during their free time will definitely not ignore the notifications.

Expiration date:  Set expiry dates for the digital coupons.  This will create a sense of urgency and bring in buying action at the earliest.