Month: November 2018

Retirement: 4 Must-Have Tech Tools and Apps for Retirees

At the time of retirement, the older people may find it a little bit difficult in learning the tech tools and once if they try to learn these technologies and how to work on it smartly will enable them to experience a different world.  Timely learning about these gadgets and tech products make them update themselves about the various concepts or ideas or subjects of interest.  For example, if there are some older people who love to read a lot and for them, there are specific apps which support their desire and pleasure in reading various subjects.  This technology up gradation of knowledge may make them feel better and comfortable in getting things done.

Here are 4 must-have tech tools for older adults:

  • Smart Phone: Smartphone becomes important for almost everyone who lives in a better-advanced technology and now only a few people don’t own them which means almost each and every people become familiar with the smartphone technology and its uses.  It helps in various ways in which it helps to get information regarding the weather, social media interaction and so on.  It also helps to make video calls to their family members and friends which help to bring people together.
  • GPS: The GPS helps the seniors to find out the way when they love to travel to different cities and countries and also helps to find out the better airfare charges in the airplane, accommodation charges in the destination area, nearby food outlets etc. Some people find it difficult to learn the advanced technology in the initial stages but when the day passes, it becomes easier for them to access. There are few people who love to travel in a yacht which comes up with the advanced tracking system to facilitate the retirees and other individuals as well.
  • Medication monitors: Many older people are prone to many hereditary disorders like blood pressure, diabetes etc.  This medication monitors the level of blood sugar level of the registered older people in the smartphone in order to maintain the body condition in a healthier way.  If there is any increase or decrease of blood sugar levels, these medication monitor apps help to find out the changes and report them immediately.
  • Online platforms and apps: The technology revolution has changed the way of shopping into easily accessible platforms and apps for everyone including the retirees. The older people cannot able to travel and do shopping since it is a tiring process for them and these online shopping platforms have made the task easier for them in which they can place the order of their desired products at any time and anywhere.

How To Make Your House A Smart Home – The Best Technology Guide

What is a smart home? A smart home is where everything in your house like your air conditioners, garage doors and thermostats are connected to the internet. These can then be controlled using a mobile device and can be controlled remotely. There are many accessories that help you to construct a smart home and some of them may work more efficiently than the others. Here at, you are guided on how to build a smart home.

Make a smart lightning

Lighting is the key to making a smart home. The bulbs communicate with Wi-Fiorthereare others that communicate using Bluetooth. There are many lighting systems that work even though they are not connected to any central hub. These can still communicate with the other smart elements of your house.

Use smart speakers

The smart speakers are linked to the lights. All that you need to do is to give it instructions to dim the light, and it does it for you.

Cameras for home security

Installing a camera at home will let you known what is happening at home which is useful when you are away. It is particularly useful if you have children at home and who have to be monitored.


Many would wonder that to build a smartphone one needs to buy a number of accessories and connect them to the hub which will then communicate with each other and also with you through your smartphone. This, however, will mean spending loads of money and also a lot of time getting wasted. You could also construct a smart home in a much simpler manner with just a few products that are rather inexpensive. This lets you construct a smart home at a very modest budget.

Ensure that the products that you use to construct a smart home are compatible with each other as this will offer you a strong foundation. You can then slowly keep expanding with time.

3 Ways Technology Can Prevent Fraud and Save Small Businesses Money

When financial frauds hit, even large companies suffer the impact with great difficulty.  One cannot imagine the plight of small businesses.  Hence fraud protection becomes more important for small businesses.  Read on to know how technology can prevent fraud and save small business money:

Strong identity verification:  Identity verification of customers poses a strong threat as there is wide scope for using stolen data.  To identify such frauds the employees must be trained extensively which involves huge training cost.  This will not be feasible for small business.  Hence technology helps in entering into an agreement with associate partners who can do this KYC through video call business.  Video verification is safer in checking the KYC norms.  Thus, small business will be relieved of incurring huge verification and training costs.  The AP takes care of the same through his employees who are specially trained for this purpose.  For example, verification of hologram in Identity documents may not be possible for the small business.  But when the verification process is routed through an AP, this can be done easily by them as they can afford the technology.  Hence the small business will have access to high-value technology at a payment of nominal fee.

Fin-tech financial partnering:  It is not possible for a small business to acquire all the latest financial techniques as the cost aspect is involved.  Instead, they can smartly check whether their financial partners are technically advanced.  For example, availing services of a banker who uses blockchain technology for online transactions.

Automated internal controls:  Automating internal controls is a one-time investment.  But it is a very effective way to protect frauds and keep track of processes.  There are good tailor-made solutions offered by third-party vendors.  Those can be easily installed and maintained.  Most of them are user-friendly too.

Using the above 3 ways even a small business can effectively prevent frauds and save money.

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer Using Smart Tech

Technology helps to keep your home very safe this summer in the following 5 ways:

Safe from intruders:  Latest smart security system helps you control the entire access to your home.  This security system is connected with android mobile through which you can control locks of your home.  This security system works even in case of power failures.  They have in-built motion detectors which can send notifications and alert you.

Safe from heat: Summer adds to heat and rise in temperature inside your home.  Sometimes soaring temperatures compel people to come outside the home to take rescue.  Unfortunately, the outside environment is much hotter.  Control the temperature within the home using air conditioners.  Smart technology enables you to switch on your AC half an hour before you reach home.  This is possible through IOT.

Safe from birds and pests:  Smart tech helps in getting rid of birds.  You will be amazed to see how smart tech is announcing confidently ‘get rid of birds Glasgow’.  By using techniques like birth control, spikes, nets, and sprays even cities which are crowded by these birds are enjoying a sigh of relief.  Use their services to protect your home from birds and pest menace.  Bird droppings spoil the beauty of the property.  The bird and pest control companies also help in cleaning the property.

Safe from pollution:   In summer Pollen grains spoil the air inside your home.  They cause Hay fever, breathing allergy etc.  By installing smart air purifiers, you can prevent pollen pollution.

Safeguard from wear and tear:  Heat of the summer causes severe damage to the very foundation of your home.  It weakens the building and more damage is likely when there is natural calamity like a storm or an earthquake.  Smart tech research has helped in the invention of lead-rubber bearings which protect damages which heat causes to your home.