Day: October 27, 2018

The Best Tips to Keep Your Home Secure With a Smart Camera

With the crime rate going up every year it is becoming crucial to take care of your loved ones and your belongings. Thankfully you can keep your home safe with a wide range of modern gadgets and devices even when you are not home, visit security systems glasgow to know more about these devices. There you can find a variety of smart security camera’s to keep your home secure. Keep reading to know how useful these devices are.

Smart Cameras: Security cameras are the eyes that watch your home when you are not there. We often think that the crime happens when it is dark, usually during the late night hours, but the studies show that 70% of crimes happen during the daytime when people are in office or schools. This is why you need smart cameras that can secure your house and its surroundings. These security cameras come in a variety of types:

  • Doorbell cameras: These cameras allow you to check who is on the door before opening it. These can be used for elderly people who cannot climb up and down every time someone knocks the door, they can use these cameras to see who is on the door and open the automatic doors using the remotes. They can talk to the person on the door from through these cameras similar to the intercom phones; this provides an additional facility to make sure it is the right person you are opening the door for.
  • Indoor and Outdoor cameras: You can use various indoor cameras to check the activities happening inside your house. These can be used if you have younger kids or elderly parents staying home with helpers. Similarly you can have some cameras setup in your back yard and front space.
  • Security software: These smart cameras come with software that can show you the live footage from your personal laptop or mobile phone. But there is a wide range of other applications that you can have to make use of some additional features, like some cameras allow you to talk through it.