Month: July 2018

How Is Blockchain Technology Coming To Mobile

Blockchain technology is not just restricted to high-end powerful computers. It has found its way into the mobile industry as well.

The smartphone manufacturers are already ready to launch devices that will let them leverage the Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is becoming the feature for mobile applications and its development. There are many processes like security and quality checks that can benefit from the Blockchain technology.

Mobile mining

Companies are looking to allow the users to be able to mine cryptocurrency using their mobiles. This is being done so that digital currency can be made available to many. The amount of token that can be mined in a month may not be a lot and thus this may find a lot of takers in the developing countries.

The merchants have an incentive to accept this technology because they can buy the airtime to sell to their customers. People are making digital and micropayments to those who do not have a bank account facility yet.

Hybrid systems are being used to avoid the operational costs and this thus allows the mobile phone to do the mining. This is the apps centralized system while the cryptocurrency is a decentralized Blockchain. The drawback, however, is that the centralized nature of mining the currency incurs high costs.

Development of app

The mobile devices and Blockchain has a relationship in app development. It is believed that Blockchain can speed up the production and the throughput. Blockchain also has some potential applications when it comes to using it on mobile devices. These could range from hardware to software. The blockchain is used to prove how the parts originated and this will assure the clients that there is no Trojan present. The best use is to apply it to an application store. A decentralized store, truly coin, which will let the Blockchain technology to make micropayments.