BumbleBee Software Solutions in PERL

PERL - Practical Extraction and Report Language

The Cyber Web has been developing internet based software since 1997 which is like 90 dog years or 200 internet years. Needless to say we have built up a huge archive of programs that are not being used by clients. Our hope is to build a free archive here at bumblebeeware.com for young perl developers and webmasters to aquire tools and tidbits.

Its a free website, so allocating time to build pages and post programs is limited. But the plan is to post tutorials and code samples to show how to use perl to mange everything from streaming video to search engines. And more than likely we will plaster the pages with ads for our own website hosting systems.

The main focus will be to pass by the common mumbo jumbo of guestbooks, page counters and other web gidgets and provide more substantial applications. More useful programs like shopping systems, paypal integration, security systems, classified programs and most anything that involves e-commerce.

We would also like to offer simplified programs that perform basic tasks. Those basic tasks are often the key element for bigger applications. It is very useful to have a program that demonstrates a task so you can integrate the code into your own program. That element seems to be very rare online. Most programs are relatively extensive and it becomes difficult to segregate the elements you want to learn from.

In many cases the difference between a working program and 10,000 lines of uesless code is the one element the programer is not able to figure out. When only one person has figured it out, it's called "Intelectual Propery". Here we just call it "programers block". There is always an answer, but not every programer has it. That is what seperates companies like Microsoft from of small time perl hacks.

This website will help fill that void by offering solutions to common problems and code to solve less common programing tasks. We all know how to make a guest book and post a url on a page. But how many people can build a shopping cart that is capable of searching 100 million records? It's not that hard if you know the tricks and understand the base concept.

BumbleBeeWare will serve as a great learning resource and not just a download site to get your free perl programs. We are more interested in building programers than programs.

Those will be the common issues we hope to address here. And later, when we have a few hundred pages maybe some publisher will offer us a book deal to take our website to the presses. That would be really cool!

We have hundreds if not thousands of perl programs and I need to decide which to post first. If you have any ideas or needs for scripts to perform particular tasks let me know. It's going to be slow going at first, so any input would be apreciated.

Current Programs

PERL CAPTCHA - The most simple and likely the most unhackable perl code to prevent automated form submissions. Using an archive of images rather than on the fly generation, this uses very low system resources while providing a high level of bot protection.

RSS XML Headlines Grabber - A simple perl script to grab an XML file and include it in a webpage. Ready to run script, just upload and run it. Have new headlines or other dynaic content from any source in minutes.

SSH Log Check - Check your ssh log for attempted logins and block the ips before the attack takes down your server. This simple script will save you lots of headaches and secure up your web server from brute force attacks.

Form Mail for PERL - Simple ready to upload script will manage all your forms. Uses image verification and post blocking to fight spammers. Nice update to an old mail form standard.

Site Search - Simple stand alone script that you can build into a more comprehensive search program for any website.

Easy Password - A simple utility to make passwords using .htaccess for file protection.

Tar Gz Utility - 2 scripts to allow the zipping and unzipping of directories or files from a webpage. Useful on hosts without command line access. Great script for building on to make more complex backup utilities that can be run from a webpage.

Remote Website / Server Monitor - A simple 2 script solution to monitor your website's uptime and notify you via e-mail when a website or server is down. Great tool for small hosting services to monitor your servers from your home or office. Three versions of the program are provides to fit multiple circumstances.